Tokyo is a city that never sleeps. Its vibrant energy and bustling streets are something out of this world, making it one of the most popular cities in the world for travelers looking to explore its rich culture, food scene, and stunning skyline views.

From taking in alluring sunset over a distant Mt Fuji or nighttime lights illuminating Shinjuku’s skyscrapers there are countless ways you can enjoy breathtaking observation points across Japan’s capital city!

Here we will guide you through our top picks on where to go if you want an unforgettable view from above from one of Tokyo’s best observation decks.

Tokyo Skytree

Standing at 634 meters tall, towering high into Tokyo sky stands – The Tokyo Skytree.

There are two observation decks at the summit, Tembo Deck and Sorakara deck both of which offer a priceless view over Japan’s capital city from an impressive height.

The Tokyo Sky Tree is also home to one of the world’s fastest elevators shooting visitors up 350 meters in less than 60 seconds for more opportunities to take those perfect Instagram shots that capture its beauty.

Shibuya Sky

Take in a completely different view of Tokyo from the rooftop bar and observation deck at Shibuya Sky.

The new kid on the block of Tokyo’s observatory scene, Shibuya sky sits on top of the newly opened ‘Scramble Square’ building and offers spectacular panoramic views over some of Japan’s most famous landmarks including Yoyogi Park, Meiji Shrine, and many more.

Tokyo Tower

No trip to Tokyo would be complete without visiting the city’s most famous landmark. The iconic red and white tower stands at 333 meters high, with two observation decks offering unique 360-degree views over its skyline!

Visit Main Deck which is 150 meters up or try out their special Glass Floor Observation area – a transparent floor giving you an even more unforgettable experience of Japan from above.

Tokyo City View (Mori Tower, Roppongi Hills)

Roppongi Hills offers visitors one of the best nighttime vistas on offer in Tokyo – perfect for those hoping to catch that romantic evening sunset or late-night lights show.

Head towards Mori Tower located inside the complex where there are three levels of indoor observatories equipped with multimedia displays providing valuable insight into the city’s culture.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

Boasting one of Tokyo’s most prestigious and highest observatories, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building offers two free observation decks – both offering stunning views over its skyline!

As well as being a great spot to explore day or night time – entry is completely free which makes it even more attractive compared to other paid attractions in Japan’s capital city.

SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observation Deck

Situated on top of the massive shopping mall located in Ikebukuro; Sky Circus boasts some beautiful 360-degree panoramic views stretching out across three different prefectures – all from an impressive height of 254 meters up!

This attraction also offers its visitors a unique ‘VR Zone’ which immerses them in the full experience of Tokyo from above.

Fuji Television Observation Deck Hachitama

Located on top of Fuji’s television building, this observation deck is most popular for being able to catch incredible views over the nearby Odaiba – making it an essential visit if you are after some amazing photo opportunities.

Solamachi Dining Sky Tree View

You don’t have to travel high into the sky just to get a glimpse of Tokyo’s amazing skyline. Located at the bottom of Tokyo Skytree lies Solamachi Dining – offering visitors dining options with beautiful views across its bustling streets below!

As well as having access to some delicious Japanese cuisine – you can also take advantage and explore their range shops, cafes or even go on an adventure down one of Japan’s longest escalator rides ending up 6th-floor summit observatory area which looks out over the city.

Caretta Shiodome Sky View Observation Deck

Situated in front Caretta Shiodoma building lays another great choice for those wanting to catch some stunning aerial sights from above; The Carettea SkiyView observation deck stands high overlooking both Odaiba and Ginza.

Offering an outdoor terrace area that features a range of interactive exhibits helping visitors to learn more about Tokyo’s unique landmarks! As well as having access to the Caretta Shiodome shopping center, this attraction also includes indoor observatories perfect for when it’s raining or too cold outside.

Carrot Tower

Boasting one of the tallest free observation decks in Japan – The Carrot Tower stands at 180 meters offering mesmerizing views over its cityscape below.

Located near Sunshine City Ikebukuro; you will find plenty of activities such as their exhibition hall featuring information related to how they built up the tower itself along with a special ‘Art Museum’ giving insight into some of Japan’s greatest artwork.

Bunkyo Civic Tower

Located near Tokyo Dome, The Bunkyo civic tower stands at a staggering height of 202 meters towering over one the most popular entertainment spots in town.

Apart from taking stunning views across its skyline – visitors will find plenty to explore inside this building such as their theatre attractions or even take part in photography sessions looking out over moments before sunset.

Best Observation Deck To See The Sunset

When it comes down to capturing that perfect moment with those magical colors reflecting off Mt Fuji – there are few places better than Roppongi Hills (Mori Tower). Its 360-degree observatory terrace is the perfect place to catch the city’s sunset before night takes over and Tokyo lights up in its golden hour.

Tokyo SkyTree is also impressive, but it can feel almost “too far up” when taking in the sunset over Tokyo city.

Best Night Time Observatory

For a picture-perfect view of Tokyo’s nighttime cityscape – we recommend heading over to the observation deck at Shibuya Sky. Also being one of the best rooftop bars in town, visitors can purchase drinks while taking advantage and snapping that amazing photo opportunity with its illuminated backdrop below.

Enjoy The View

Tokyo is home to some incredible views from above – offering endless opportunities for travelers looking for those breathtaking sights across ‘The City That Never Sleeps’!

From soaring high into the sky on top of Japan’s tallest structure (Tokyo Skytree) or grabbing that romantic sunset before it disappears behind Mt Fuji– there are plenty of places you will find stunning scenery whichever season your visit this beautiful and bustling city.